I Am Beautiful Celebration

Award Winning Journalist - Tamron Hall

2019 Beautiful Makeover Recipient - LaTanya Lawson

Stay tuned for Phase Two of LaTanya's Makeover

2019 Beautiful Award Recipient - Darolyn Brock

BEAUTIFUL makeover!




Powerful testimonies!




AMAZING Male Panel.....these brothers keep it 100!


Wonderful entertainment!



BEAUTIFUL Award.....honoring a woman with a beautiful heart for all people.


Delicious food!




...and more great surprises!

* Proceeds will benefit Blessed 2B a Blessing and will help to fund the Faith Eyes Inc. Toddlership Award. This award will assist single moms (employed full-time or in school full-time), who have children in daycare (or waiting to attend), are approved for CCMS/Child Care Management Services child care assistance, but remain on the waiting list, resulting in 1.] Financial strain 2.] Possible displacement from daycare 3.] Jeopardizing of employment/school status.    



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